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Software Advice: Frontrunners 2022 Capterra: Shortlist 2022 Our web-based software allows you to stay connected to your business wherever you are, while we deal with the hosting, upgrades, and technical support. Our online facility resource management, and registration software facilitate the daily management of your sports and cultural activities. All of your operations including accounts, sales of activities and memberships, online payments and reservations are grouped together on our user-friendly platform with your own unique domain name.

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Best Customer Support 2021 Most Recommended 2021 "More than a great software company! There are great people at" We're proud to provide the kind of customer service our clients love. Our dedicated staff of parks and recreation professionals is ready and available to help wherever we can. See what our clients are talking about on Capterra.

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Increased Benefits

  • Provide online registration
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase program revenues
  • Reduce operation costs
  • Deliver on your mission
  • Develop long term stability
  • Generate income from your site
  • Communicate with your registrants
  • Offer real-time program information

System Highlights

  • Completely web-based
  • Free demo site access
  • Intuitive and easy to learn
  • Online registration included
  • Custom domain for easy public access
  • Software and website auto-sync
  • Customizable announcements
  • Personalized support

Fewer Worries

  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Upgrades are free and automatic
  • Low upfront setup costs
  • Unlimited workstations
  • Web-based remote access
  • 24/7 online registration
  • Secure data transmission


You and your department have enough to do to meet your community mandate without worrying about servers, software installation, and version updates. allows you to leverage the power of the internet to provide your staff with automation tools to deliver the highest level of service to your community.


Where the public registers themselves.

Increased Registration

The online registration system saves your department time and money by encouraging your customers to easily locate information and register online. Online registration is convenient, easy to use and is ready for customers on their timetable.

We will help facilitate your merchant account setup, so you can claim the best rate for your goals. The system has the unique flexibility to allow your department to either incorporate your credit card fees into your business expenses or to pass them along to the customer- giving you the control.

Ease of use and no required customer convenience fees increases the rate of online registrations. This means you spend less time taking registrations and more time running your programs.

A Few More Details

  • Our departments can average over 80% in online registrations.
  • Opening week can be as high as 90% or more in online registrations.
  • Your public can register online anytime.
  • Credit card payments can also be taken at the office.
  • All online transactions are tracked within the system.
  • Your department name will appear on credit card statements.
  • Receipts are emailed automatically for all registrations.
  • Revenue is deposited directly into your account.
  • Many merchant setup options are available.